Stu Wood Targa Rally

Fitting snugly between the Exmoor Targa at the end of October and the Bustard Targa at the beginning of December the North Devon Motor Club STU WOOD TARGA RALLY at Chivenor on the 10th November will provide seasoned campaigners and newcomers alike with up to 25 miles of Tests on tarmac with 1 mile unsurfaced road at the airfield at RMB Chivenor.

This will be the second year the Club has run a Targa event here and we have learned a great deal from the first event; this time Test will be simpler with Test maps to guide competitors but the challenge of Tests on tarmac is still there.

The event is a round of the ASWMC Targa Road Rally Championship and is open to members of member Clubs of the AWWMC, ACSMC and ASEMC. In addition, a Clubmans permit has been issued allowing members of NDMC and South Hams Motor Club to compete without a Competition Licence.

Click on links below for the on-line entry system, the fee is £70.00 for a full days motorsport.

Click here to download event regulations




To Gain Access to the rally site on Sunday morning:-

Use Crash Gate 2 from 8.30am (no earlier) to 9.30am.

This is for competitors and marshals.

Follow route as per photo/diagram.

PCAT's - New Venues!

Following a recent committee meeting one of the topics of conversation that came up was PCATS. NDMC as a motor club wants to facilitate all aspects of motorsport that is feasibly possible and for a long time Kevin Down has carried the flag as main organiser as well as many other flags for the club. But recently we have been lucky to gain the interests of Kevin and Tom Upton who have put a lot of effort into putting on a couple of events which have been greatly received by those who participated, but sadly these events have not had the entries they duly deserve. So at the committee it was also mentioned to run a PCAT championship we need to have a mixture of loose and hard surface events, the hard surface events being a potential tripping point and are currently struggling to find some suitable venues to use so as a bit of a plea if anyone knows of a potential venue to please feel free to contact Kevin Down or Tom Upton who's email details will be listed below. Both Kevin and Tom will welcome any enquiries on potential entries, willing marshals or even if anyone has any questions on a PCAT I.e. how they run, car eligibility entry cost etc. Kevin's email is and Tom's email is

                                                                                  Andy Richards


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